The Brand

Saqhoute (pronounced 'saqoot') is a slow fashion brand offering women's ready-to-wear built on the sustainable pillars of circularity artisanship, & zero-waste. The brand tells stories of Egyptian heritage through the intricate design & use of hand-embroidery. Saqhoute was established in 2018 with the aim of providing women in Egypt and globally with affordable high-end garments that fit in their capsule wardrobes, that are highly versatile, and that enable them to go through family, career, and personal obligations effortlessly. We launch series of capsule collections, each one telling a hidden story about Egyptian heritage to commemorate the beautiful culture, document our local stories and make them known all while honouring the artisanry behind it all.

Saqhoute (or 'saqoot') is also our founder's family name and the Nubian region her family originates from; the brand along with its stories is an extension of our founder's journey of self-discovery and expression of her culture and identity. The brand name is a play on the spelling of our founder’s & creative director’s family name, Norhan El Sakkout; it is also the name of the Nubian region her family originates from, both meanings perfectly fitting her journey of tracing back her Egyptian heritage, her family’s story and the stories of her people that are worth telling.

Behind the scenes we have been working with a team of dedicated craftswomen and men that have made the brand what it is today:

  • Stefania Gulina: Founder of Italian Fashion Academy & Production Management
  • Mohamed: Pattern-making
  • Raouf: Cutting
  • Ayman, Khaled & Ali: Machine work & sewing
  • Iman & Sayeda: Hand-embroidery & hand-stitching