Retiring, Mending or Altering

As part of our sustainability efforts we offer three additional types of services to elongate the lifecycle of your garment for as long as possible.

Retiring Your Garment

While we always aspire to create garments that are long-lasting and forever-loved, we do understand that our needs and bodies change over time. So, if you can't pass on your Saqhoute piece to a younger family member, we are happy to help with that. If your Saqhoute piece no longer fits you or your needs, we are happy to take it off your hand! Kindly place your request by filling the below form.


Mending Your Garment

At Saqhoute quality is key to long-living garments, yet regular wear and tear might occur over time, and so in order for us to ensure an everlasting product we offer you mending services. Kindly note that an inspection of the garment is required to understand the best means of mending it first and communicate it to you for approval and assess costs (if any).


Altering Your Garment

We know that for someone to hang on to their garment for as long as possible it needs to be unique, of high quality and comfortable. And so we offer alteration services that can include pre-purchase customization or post-consumption alteration. Kindly reach out to us in the below form to tell us what you want to change about your garment and receive approval upon our inspection and to assess cost. For minor alterations such as shortening sleeves & hems or tightening the garment ranges between EGP 100 - EGP 500. For more tailored customization costs are assessed depending on extent of alteration.