Capsule 4.0 - S U L T A N A

Thirteenth-century Egypt saw a Mamluk wife to an Ayyubid ruler - a woman with no family power nor political status - rise to the ranks and assume power. When her husband died, she feigned his presence and ruled from behind the curtains herself. She ended the seventh crusade. The slave believed to be of Turkoman or Armenian origin eventually became acting ruler, leading Egypt into the Mamluk era.

This collection is inspired by this woman’s still-standing monument, a little known architectural feat in the heart of Cairo, tucked away among the shrines of other remarkable female figures such as Sayyida Nafisa, Sayyida Roqaya and Sayyida Skeina: that building is the Mausoleum of Shajarit al-Durr

SULTANA is a special collection that was co-designed with Milan-based Egyptian architect, Lamia Ayman, whose knowledge of our architectural history has truly been an inspiration to us.