Our Story

saqhoute is an accessible luxury ready-to-wear brand for professional women. We aim to support the individuality, intelligence and ambition of the modern-day  woman by offering her ethically produced ready-to-wear garments that are transferable from one occasion to the next, enabling her to balance her family, career and social endeavours effortlessly.
Our product range includes business/smart-casual dresses, vests, blazers, skirts/
ensembles offered as a capsule collection, with each piece being an investment piece unique to be worn on its own or combined in a number of versatile ways. We support slow production and consumption methods and so our design aesthetics carries timelessness with  it.

Our Manifesto

At saqhoute we strive to:
I. Uphold the Label as an ethical fashion brand
II. Drive economic, social, & environmental sustainability
III. Continuously push technological innovation
IV. Maintain Egyptian cultural aesthetic, crafts and heritage
V. Look up to every member of the Label as a role model
VI. Always be entrepreneurial team players
VII. Be an educational institution and a source of knowledge
VIII. Co-create & don’t isolate
IX. Disrupt and go against the tide
X. Evolve, yet permanently keep our core values as a guiding compass
Center Piece